Adventurous Activities

ALL ADVENTUROUS ACTIVITIES need to be notified to our Adventurous Activities Lead and MUST be approved by the District Lead Volunteer at least 2 weeks prior to the event. 

A full list of activities requiring review and approval can be found at this link:

This includes all adventurous activities that are delivered by 3rd Parties.
3rd Party Providers will need to provide evidence of in-date AALA licence or AdventureMark certificate.

OR As a last resort have been assessed by our ADC Activities against our strict safety and safeguarding standards.

Local 3rd Party Providers that have been audited and approved who do not hold an AALA licence or AdventureMark:

    • Rope Race Review Feb ’24
    • Sub Station Review March ’24


No Approval = No Activity
Activity taking place without approval (and therefore no legal cover)
may lead to permit cancellation and/or membership suspension.

Please help us avoid these difficult conversations by planning ahead.


Contact details can be found via

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