Archery Range

For the summer of 2023, Merebrook campsite has been allocated as an archery range.

It has a clear overshoot area and no official footpaths beyond the usual firing line.

You may book this area for weekends or weekday evenings.

The range area must be marked off and danger signs displayed prior to shooting.

Barnswood will provide the Bosses, some hazard tape, posts and signs but no other equipment and no instructors.

The qualified instructor in charge must operate to high safety standards and is responsible for the range set up and safety. Instructors who are members of the Scout Association must hold a valid archery permit and have had the activity approved by their DC/District Lead Volunteer.

The camp leader must inform the duty warden if any arrows are not retrieved. Carbon shaft arrows are not to be used.

Archery may not be practiced anywhere else on site without explicit permission from the Barnswood Team.

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