Barnswood Contacts


All information on bookings (sites, buildings, activity areas and activity equipment) are handled by our volunteer bookings secretary who can be emailed at

All other queries are handled by our lead volunteer who can be emailed at

On Duty Warden

If you are at camp, and the duty warden is off site, their mobile number is shown in the Wardens Lodge window.

Reporting near misses/incidents

In the event of an on-site accident, please use the linked form to report it through the appropriate channels: Click Here

Reporting site issues to a warden

Should during your time at Barnswood you come across something which is unsafe or may require attending to, please report it to a warden by using this form: Click Here


We always welcome volunteers whatever their availability, interests or skills. Just fill in this volunteer form and email it to
We will contact you to discuss what it entails and help you get started.

Barnswood Volunteer Form.pdf

Volunteering Survey

Barnswood is trying to understand what it can do to increase the number of active wardens and would like your views. Barnswood Warden Survey


This is a new website and booking system, if you see anything wrong or misleading please email our District Media Manager at

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