Barnswood Scout Camp User Procedures and Campsite Code

Barnswood Scout Camp User Procedures and Campsite Code

Barnswood Scout Camp User Procedures and Campsite Code

Aims / Purpose of the campsite
A not for profit fully accessible, environmentally sustainable campsite and outdoor centre which aims to meet the objects of the Scout Association by providing outdoor adventure for members of the Macclesfield and District Scout Associations, other local uniformed organisations and youth groups in Cheshire and beyond.

The Vision
To create an environmentally conscious accessible outdoor adventure and training centre with facilities which are regularly used by every Group in the District and create positive memories for young people regardless of age or ability.

N.B. Please note that during winter, typically November to March, Barnswood is put into winter mode which means turning off water to some parts of the site and closing toilet blocks 2 and 3. The remaining facilities are open all year.

The kitchen in the Warden’s Lodge is available to all adults for personal use by all adults. Please feel free to join the wardens when on site for a brew and some downtime.

Arrival and Departure Procedure

On Arrival

  • Can the NAP holder/camp leader check in with the with the duty warden on arrival before pitching on the booked pitch please.
  • Please collect car passes for parking the cars on site for the duration of the camp
  • If Hiring a building – please pick up the key and instruction booklet for the building. The duty warden will be happy to answer any questions and demonstrate the equipment in the building
  • In order to manage traffic on the site, we ask that only vehicles that are staying on site overnight come past the main gates. It is recommended that leaders meet their young people in the car park where they are dropped off. Parents can help bring kit onto the site however they should be supervised by a warranted leader.
  • In line with POR, only adults with an enhanced Scout DBS are permitted overnight on the site. It is the responsibility of the NAP to ensure that all adults have a DBS. For non-scouting groups, adults must hold an enhanced DBS if staying overnight. The warden team may request to see copies of any non-scouting DBS
  • The duty warden will run through the Code of Conduct for the site and you will be asked to sign that you understand your responsibility as NAP holder/camp leader whilst at the Barnswood site
  • Please arrange any access to the Museum with the Duty Warden

Before departure

  • Please pay all camp fees
  • Please return emptied stands and barrels to the area where they were collected from
  • Please return any equipment that has been borrowed
  • Please help the Duty Warden by ensuring that your site or building is left clean and tidy. Carry out a litter sweep of your areas
  • Please report any issues/breakages/maintenance issues to the Duty Warden
  • Please ensure all waste and rubbish is placed in the bins in the main car park
  • Please ensure that kitchens, including ovens, microwaves and fridges, are left clean for the next user. In the unlikely event that they are not left in a fit state for the next user, we reserve the right to retain the booking deposit to pay for professional cleaning.
  • The Duty Warden will check all sites and buildings after groups have left. In the unlikely event that additional cleaning is required after hiring, the Barnswood management reserves the right to pass on any additional charges
  • We would like all buildings to be vacated by 15:00 and sites to be vacated by 16:00
  • Please ensure that young people have left Barnswood before the last leader leaves.

Campsite Code

Vehicles (including trailers)

  • Only vehicles displaying a pass are allowed on the tracks or in the car parks on site. Please ensure your contact details are clearly displayed in case we need to contact you
  • Please park vehicles in authorised car parks
  • Please keep to the site speed limit of 5mph and when driving on site, please switch on your hazard warning lights
  • Please observe the site one-way system
  • We prefer that there are no vehicle movement on site between 22:00 on Friday and 15:00 on Sunday. The main gates will normally be closed between these times. If a vehicle needs to move on/off site between these times, please contact the duty warden.
  • Please do not take vehicles and/or trailers onto sites. Please park trailers on the designated car parks
  • Camper vans and Caravans are only allowed in the main car park with prior agreement of the Warden

Fires and Firewood

  • A campfire circle is available as well as the Dome (where fire can be on the hard standing)
  • There is plenty of dead wood for fires on the ground. Please do not cut from standing trees. Firewood is not to be collected from the out of bound areas.
  • At Barnswood, the ground is peat, which is can catch fire and burn undetected. As a consequence, all fires must be an alter fire or half barrel a minimum of 30cm off the ground as a matter of safety to prevent peat fires
  • Feel free to use the half barrels and stands stored on the area near the Tuck Shop. Please return after use
  • Before disposing of any ashes, please remove all un-burnt litter and put with the relevant rubbish. Please ensure that all fires are totally extinguished and emptied off your camp site before departure

During your stay

  • Drinking water is available from the stand pipes
  • Water is a scarce resource and we ask that washing up is not carried out at the stand pipes
  • Please help us look after the environment by not dropping litter and also picking up any others have dropped
  • To respect to campers of all ages, we request that camp is silent between 23:00 and 07:00
  • Please ensure that the young people in your charge do not climb the trees as we have not assessed the suitability of our trees for climbing.
  • Please respect the camping areas that other groups are using and ensure that shared areas are mutually respected
  • The following areas are out of bounds and we request that you brief the members of your party and monitor accordingly
  • The Compound
  • The slope area marked on the site map
  • The gas container compounds
  • The pump house and substation
  • The fields adjacent to the site: Please do not climb any boundary walls
  • You are responsible for your group’s safety, first aid and summoning medical assistance should it be required. The Duty Warden will be on hand to provide support and assistance if required. In addition to your own standard procedures, the Duty Wardens must be told of any accidents requiring medical assistance. If a 999 call is made, inform the Duty Warden so they can prepare for the arrival of the emergency services by ensuring the main gate is open and can direct the emergency teams to where they are required. Any accidents on site must be managed in line with the Scout Associations Purple Card policy
  • Please help keep the toilet blocks clean and report any problems to the Duty Warden
  • Smoking/vaping is not permitted in any building or shelter and should not take place in sight of young people. The designated smoking/vaping area for the site is the main Car Park. Please dispose of fully extinguished butts a bin.
  • Please ensure that any audio equipment is not audible beyond your site
  • We value our wildlife, please do not disturb them; we do not allow snaring or trapping of wildlife
  • Alcohol: We follow the principles of the Green Card issued by the Scout Association. Please ensure that all adults are aware of the provisions in the green card and that they are followed. For non-scouting groups, we will provide copies of the green card.
  • Please note that chemical toilets must NOT be emptied at Barnswood. This includes into the toilets or directly into the septic tanks.


  • Generic risk assessments for the site and buildings are available which will be provided to all groups using the site
  • Each NAP holder/Camp Leader will be responsible for producing their own written risk assessment for the camp and the safety for all activities that take place on the camp. Macclesfield and Congleton Scout District reserves the right to review these however the responsibility for managing the safety whilst on the campsite lies with the NAP Holder/Camp Leader
  • It is recommended that leaders are aware of the “Staying Safe” Safety Checklist for scout leaders and that they use this to manage the safety of the young people on the cam
  • For any adventurous activities that require a permit under POR, the NAP holder/Camp Leader is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate permits or AALA licences are in place for these activities. We have designated sites for archery and shooting activities and these can be booked in advance. We do not have any equipment or team members with permits for shooting or archery on site. Please advise in advance if you are carrying out a shooting or archery activity. The NAP holder/Camp Leader is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate parental permissions are obtained for any shooting activities


  • As a scout campsite, we follow the Scouting Safeguarding rules as detailed in the yellow card. All adults who use the Barnswood campsite must be aware of the provisions outlined in the yellow card and any adult staying overnight on the campsite must have a current Scout DBS or in the case of other youth organisations a current enhanced DBS. If wardens become aware of anything that gives rise to a safeguarding concern, they will follow the reporting procedures detailed on the yellow card.

Please note that

  • All valuables brought onto site are at the owner’s risk
  • Cars are parked at owners’ risk

Individuals or groups not complying with the code of conduct or arrival/departure procedures may be requested to leave the site or declined future bookings

Most importantly, we hope you have fun whist at Barnswood, enjoy the special environment on site and meet new friends

Finally, the Wardens are all unpaid volunteers giving up their time to provide this facility. Please respect them as they work with you to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience at Barnswood. In the, hopefully, unlikely event of any complaints, please raise them with the warden team during your stay. If this cannot be resolved then please raise them the District Commissioner at Macclesfield and Congleton Scouts.

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