This team provides support for our Volunteering culture.
Volunteering starts with a hand in the air, a “I’ll have a go”, and then a warm welcome and supported introduction to what’s involved; whatever the role and team.

The team supports volunteers with the areas of Scouting that may be new to them through the Scouts adult learning programme, comprising of online and in-person learning opportunities, skills validation and wider information sessions.

The Volunteer Development Team (also known as the People Team)  also ensures that our volunteers are recognised for their contributions and that extra special achievements are recognised through Scouting’s Adult Awards programme.

In Scouting, we recognise that we live in diverse communities.    Our People Team also includes our champions for Faith and Beliefs, and for Inclusion, Equality and Diversity.

Volunteer Development (People) Team Members

District Volunteer Development (People) Team Lead : Elizabeth Insley

Elizabeth heads up our Volunteer Development (People Team).

District Learning Lead : Mike Brown / VACANT

Mike delivers regular learning sessions as part of our learning programme, and also keeps a close eye on our mandatory compliance reports for Safeguarding, Safety and First aid learning.

District First Aid Trainer : Ann Eden

Ann provides opportunities for all volunteers to keep their first aid skills up to date through one-day and evening courses, as well as validating external qualifications against the requirements set out by the Scouts.

District Awards Panel : Elizabeth Insley

Elizabeth chairs our awards panel, who meet twice a year to review all volunteer nominations for recognition in the Adult Awards programme

District Inclusion Champion: Jill Scarlet

Jill champions inclusion, equality and diversity across the District.    She can advise on creating inclusive programmes, attracting diverse volunteers into groups, and promotes activities that recognise that we are all different, unique individuals.

District Faith and Beliefs Champion:

Our faith and beliefs champion promotes understanding of our scout values across the District.    He can provide support for programme activities that centre around faith and self reflection.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls