July 2023

July 2023

News about Barnswood

July 2023

The weather at the end of June has significantly decreased the fire risk at
Barnswood, but it is still not acceptable to dispose of ashes that are not
extinguished. We will construct an ash pit by the altar fire store, so that you
can put your ashes there when returning and neatly stacking the altar fires.

We have campers on site every day in July, so please leave your
site/building/toilets as you would wish to find them. If anything is amiss
when you arrive, tell the duty warden.

Currently there are additional toilets and showers by Camp Hall. These are
for Entrust’s mid week use and will remain locked most weekends. Each
weekend, Entrust is also leaving a store tent up on each of Hillside and S.
Hillside campsites. Please respect this private property.

The archery bosses and axe targets installed by Entrust on the Merebrook
site may be used by other groups with the appropriate equipment and
instructors (not supplied by Barnswood). Book the facility with the bookings
secretary .

Please note that Barnswood is only available on the weekend of 20th-22nd October to M&C groups attending JOTA

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